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Mekari Dental Studio and Spa | Testimonials

Fantastic eye for the best placement to optimize personal appearance; very thoughtful and painless application! Great results and a very accurate and affordable estimate!

Mia Goff

- Aesthetics Visit -

I have been seeing Doctor Mekari for over five years and he has made my smile worth showing off. Good dentists and staff are hard to find. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Angela Reed

 - Dental Visit -

Doctor Mekari is very thoughtful while designing and considering the optimum application to maximize personal features. Accurate estimate and great communication!

Michael Arena

- Aesthetics Visit -

I used to have a phobia towards getting any dental work done - that phobia has vanished since I started going to Dr. Mekari's clinic. I moved to Boston and I still fly to NO to get dental work done. I have a Harvard endodontist here in Boston whom I consult for urgent situations when I cannot travel. Upon looking at my teeth X-rays, my Harvard endodontist himself acknowledged Dr. Mekari's excellent work on a root canal Dr. Mekari had done! There you go! Real-life evidence!

Rania A. Mekary

 - Dental Visit -

This was my first visit to Dr Makari for Botox. I bought a Groupon for 25 units of Botox, and Dr Mekari had great reviews. I didn't know what to expect, but I was very happy with my experience. His staff were friendly, and Dr Mekari listened to what I wanted to achieve and was willing to work with me based on my wants. He was very knowledgeable about the areas to inject to get my desired results. He took his time and was gentle and kind. I will definitely go to Dr Mekari again.

Moriah Richie

- Aesthetics Visit -

I am a 59 year old woman. I don't have much money but wish to look (like all of us) a little bit younger than my age. It is very hard to find someone who doesn't gauge you monetarily and who isn't full of promises that can't be obtained. Not only is Dr. Mekari very meticulous (a trait in which his team follows suit), but the cost is reasonable. I happily recommend them and will praise their professionalism to anyone. Every penny counts. Thank you for everything. I will definitely be back.

Iris Viera

- Aesthetics Visit -