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Metal Free/Mercury Free Dentistry

Mercury/Metal Free DentistryMekari Dental Studio and SPA offer both metal-free dentistry and mercury-free dentistry in Metairie, LA.

Metal and mercury have been used in fillings and restorations for decades. However, there is some speculation amongst those in the dental community about just how safe these materials are.

For example, many dental fillings are made up of a stable alloy known as dental amalgam. These filings are primarily made up of mercury and often include tin, silver, copper, and other metals – all of which can post potential health risks to individuals, especially if they have any allergies to metals.

While more research still needs to be conducted, many dentists and patients are looking for alternatives to these potentially hazardous materials.

What Does Metal-Free/Mercury-Free Dentistry Mean?

Metal and mercury-free dentistry are exactly what they sound like. It's dentistry that provides patients with alternative options for those with metal allergies or other worries over the use of materials such as mercury.

As most fillings are made of mercury, approximately half of the filling by weight, there is quite the controversy over just how safe these fillings can be. For instance, elemental mercury can release low metal levels in the form of a vapor, which can then be either inhaled into or absorbed by the lungs. When studied in occupational settings, these vapors were found to be associated with negative effects on both the kidneys and the brain.

While those findings were seen in much larger settings, it has sparked quite a bit of conversation over the long-term effects of using mercury in dental work. Since more research is required, patients and dentists alike have simply begun transitioning away from these potentially harmful components in favor of mercury-free and metal-free dentistry.

Benefits of Mercury-Free/Metal-Free Dentistry

Both metal-free dentistry and mercury-free dentistry provide patients with more natural-looking options.

Aside from the possible medical benefits of switching to mercury/metal-free dentistry, it also provides many patients with a more natural-looking smile. Dental amalgams are often referred to as silver fillings because of their silver appearance. This makes them stand out quite a bit, leaving patients uncomfortable with their smile.

Meta/mercury-free dentistry uses different porcelain types and a component known as Zirconia to create fillings and crowns that more closely resemble your natural teeth, giving you a more natural appearance. They are also are very durable and long-lasting.

Metal-Free/Mercury-Free Dentistry with Mekari Dental Studio and SPA in Metairie, LA

Here at Mekari Dental Studio and SPA, we offer Metal/Mercury-free dentistry. That means we only remove mercury fillings, and our crowns are metal-free. Instead, we use Zirconia and various types of porcelain when necessary.

Do you have any questions about either metal-free dentistry or mercury-free dentistry? Then simply call our office at (504) 888-1414, and we'll get them answered!