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The Dental Exam Process at Mekari Dental Studio & Spa General Dentistry

Written By Mekari Dental Studio and SPA on June 30, 2021

Dental Exam ProcessAt Mekari Dental Studio & Spa in Metairie, our dental hygienists perform a dental exam prior to all dental procedures for your health and safety. Each procedure will be thoroughly discussed and any questions resolved prior to the star of dental care.

The Dental Exam Process

Dentistry has come a long way over the years. Scientists have discovered more and more about what our mouth can tell us about the rest of our body. We’ve trained ourselves through continuing education on how to maximize the health benefits our dental work can provide. This has led to the need for a dental exam before you get any procedure, including a routine cleaning.

Exams start with both 3D scan and bitewing x-rays or full mouth x-rays (FMX), which serve multiple purposes. At their core, they are used to spot changes in hard and soft tissue that the naked eye can’t see. They provide early detection of decay, tumors, cysts, and bone loss that cannot be seen in a visual exam. They also help determine tooth and root positions.

X-rays also reveal how pediatric teeth and jawbones are developing and if orthodontic treatment will be needed. These x-rays also help a dentist evaluate injuries to the face and mouth. 

After x-rays, we examine all tooth surfaces for decay with our special state-of-the-art decay detection instruments. Then your dentist and hygienist will check the gums and bone around your teeth for any signs of periodontal disease, a health condition tied to heart and lung diseases.

We then check your current fillings, crowns, bridges and other dental work for fit, leakage, or unusual wear, and then we finish the exam with a cancer screening including both intraoral and extraoral exams. These exams involve evaluating your neck, cheeks, lips, head, palate, tongue, gum tissue and the floor of your mouth. 

We’re looking for any abnormal tissue in the form of sores, lumps, discoloration, or any changes that shouldn’t be there. Any suspicious findings, such as lesions, and we either refer you to an oral surgeon or recommend a biopsy.

Meet all Your Dental Care Needs in Metairie

We at Mekari Dental Studio & Spa in Metairie stay on top of the latest dental techniques and continuously train to perfect our skills. This includes our expertise in the Snap-On Smile and restorative smile makeovers.

Dr. Mekari is certified in Invisalign (orthodontics without braces), Fastbraces and in using many different lasers like erbium laser (Er,Cr:YSGG), different Diode Lasers and CO2  Laser for Dental Cosmetics and facial  Aesthetics procedures at his office. He also provides digital radiography, 3-D scan imaging which aids in computed guided surgery for implants.

Have more questions or are ready to transform your smile? Call Mekari Dental Studio & Spa at (504) 888-1414. We look forward to serving you.

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