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Smile Makeover with Lumineers

Written By Mekari Dental Studio and SPA on January 25, 2021

Lumineers Are you self-conscious every time you talk, afraid that others will notice your discolored or broken teeth?

Worry no more because there are affordable and accessible treatment options for your smile makeover by making your teeth appear white and glossy. One of these solutions is Lumineers.

What are Lumineers?

These are veneer types that are faster and less costly to apply than regular veneers. They are highly translucent and look like natural enamel.

Lumineers are ultra-thin and measure 0.3 millimeters. This leaves tooth grinding or reduction unnecessary or minimal upon application.

They are durable and can last (up to) 20 years with proper care and regular dental checkup.

Advantages of Lumineers

Often called "no-prep" or "minimal prep" veneers, which requires reshaping or recontouring bumps or curves on the tooh to level the smile plane and to prevent thicker lumineers.  Lumineers are made from Porcelain and offer the following benefits:

Pain-Free Procedure 

In most cases, the dentist will not have to grind away or obliterate the original tooth structure because Lumineers are ultra-thin. Also, there is no discomfort or sensitivity after the Lumineers are placed on your teeth.

Quick Process

You only need to go to the dentist twice or three times (optional) to have your Lumineers in place. 


Your dentist will apply your Lumineers securely and reliably so you can bite and chew any food without worries. Practice good oral hygiene to keep your Lumineers working well and your teeth and gums healthy.

Semi Permanent Veneers

Although it is not recommended, you can ask your dentist to remove your Lumineers without damage to your teeth. Your natural teeth remain healthy and intact because there's little to no tooth reduction done.

Less Expensive

Compared to regular veneer attachment, which is a more time-consuming and tedious process, Lumineers' application is more practical and less expensive.

Lumineers Application Procedure

This simple procedure will leave you with a bright beautiful smile that is both practical and less expensive than competing procedures.

  • The first step will involve your dentist making an accurate shape of your lumineers by taking digital photos and determining the LVI type that fits your face the best. Together, you'll determine the perfect white shade of your Lumineers to blend naturally with your other teeth.
  • The Second step known as the Trial Smile involves reshaping the teeth to even out the smile plane. This also may involve recontouring teeth to have an even thickness of the lumineer.  Finally your dentist will bond the lumineers to your teeth. 
  • The final step involves lumineer seating and bonding which is the longest appointment. At that visit, care is taken in performing bite adjustment and gross removal of the excess bonding cement.


Lumineers Application in New Orleans – Metairie area

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