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PDO Thread Lift vs. Facelift: Why PDO Threads are the Way to Go

Written By Mekari Dental Studio and SPA on February 26, 2021

PDO Threads Even though facial aging is inevitable, advances in anti-aging technology mean you don’t have to live with wrinkles and fine lines. There are a plethora of options you could try ranging from invasive to non-invasive. Among all the options available, PDO thread lift and facelifts are the most popular. 

PDO Threads vs. Facelift 

These two procedures achieve similar results, but how are they different?

What are PDO Threads?

PDO threads, also known as V-soft line threads are protein-rich dissolvable threads that promote skin tightening by stimulating collagen production. The procedure is non-invasive, and takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

What is a Facelift?

A facelift, on the other hand, is an invasive surgical procedure aimed at restoring a youthful look by removing excess skin at specific spots of the face, most commonly mid to lower parts of the face. 

What is the Best Anti-Aging Procedure?

The PDO thread lift procedure offered at Mekari Dental Studio & Spa may involve more than one session. Facelifts are excellent cosmetic procedures used to restore a youthful appearance, PDO offer a more valuable experience:

They’re Non-Invasive 

Facelifts are surgical. A doctor makes incisions at certain parts of your face to remove excess skin. Although the incisions are typically not visible after healing, facelifts are invasive, and require about two weeks of recovery time. PDO thread lifts are non-invasive. The procedure is painless, allowing you to go back to work immediately. 

They’re Natural 

PDO threads reverse sagging and facial aging naturally. The threads are made of Polydioxanone fibers to stimulate the collagen production. They stimulate the production of type 3 collagen which slims down the face and boosts elasticity. Although a facelift is effective, it involves removing part of the skin to restore skin tightness.

They’re Low Risk

Thanks to their non-invasive nature, PDO thread lifts pose low to no risks. After a thread lift, you may experience slight pain, minimal bruising, swelling or irritation at the area of thread injection, but this usually goes away in a week or less. With facelifts, possible complications include bleeding, bruising, temporary damage to facial nerves, infections, scarring, hematoma, and skin necrosis. 

They’re Affordable 

Facelifts involve surgery under general anesthesia. The procedure is more complex, hence more expensive. The PDO thread lift procedure is relatively easier. It takes about an hour at maximum, and uses a topical anesthetic and local anesthetic. This makes it a more affordable way to get your youthful appearance back than a facelift. 

Professional PDO Thread Lift Procedure in New Orleans 

A PDO thread lift is the way to go if you want an affordable, non-invasive way to correct facial aging. Let the professionals at Mekari Dental Studio and Spa help you achieve your youthful goals.

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