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Category: PDO Thread Lift

PDO Thread Lift vs. Facelift: Why PDO Threads are the Way to Go

Written By Mekari Dental Studio and SPA on February 26, 2021

Even though facial aging is inevitable, advances in anti-aging technology mean you don’t have to live with wrinkles and fine lines. There are a plethora of options you could try ranging from invasive to non-invasive. Among all the options available,... Read More

PDO Threads for Instant Skin Rejuvenation

Written By Mekari Dental Studio and SPA on November 23, 2020

As we age, our skin loses its volume, elasticity, and structure. Bone mass and muscles also start to sag and fall, making our once firm, tight, and V-shape faces droop and look like an inverted V. Skin tightening and soft lift procedures... Read More

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